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Alternative to Suspension (ATS)

If your student violates the California Education Code, in lieu of serving a campus suspension at home, which remains a part of your student’s permanent discipline record, we may offer your student the option of the Alternative to Suspension (ATS) program.  Your student would then serve the number of assigned suspension days in the ATS Program and will complete the assignments required by his/her regular classroom teachers.  Additionally, your student will participate in a Decision Making Counseling Sessions and Restorative Workshop Sessions that are relevant to his/her suspension violation. If your student completes classroom and ATS assignments, participates in the counseling sessions and attends daily as assigned, the suspensions will be removed from his/her permanent discipline record.  Failure to attend daily or complete the assigned counseling/ decision-making sessions will result in reinstatement of the off-campus suspension days remaining to be served and the suspension will be attached to the student’s permanent discipline record.  

Restorative Workshop

If your student violates a classroom or school rule, he/she may be required to attend a Restorative Workshop with our ATS staff.  Workshops will be scheduled during lunch recess and/or after school.